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Mobile Friendlyxpress by tenstreet

Most of truck drivers use smartphones or tablets on a daily basis. Yet most carriers in the trucking industry do not offer online or mobile-friendly applications for storing or filing documents. Relying on the phone & fax machines as the primary tool for communication is outdated and ineffective. This keeps carriers from reaching their full potential because they must manually sort, store, and send thousands of documents that often get lost or misplaced during the process. Due to the tedious paperwork, carriers struggle to quickly hire the most qualified drivers.


Accelerate Your Hiring Process

Tenstreet’s Xpress accelerates the hiring process through streamlining the recruiting, screening, verification, and approval steps in a paperless, mobile-friendly environment. We have created a system that puts you in the “driver’s” seat. Real-time statistics and other tools give you the power to track and quantify your recruiting and applicant progress. These systems ensure an increase in application volume, recruiting productivity, profit, and workflow support.

Paperless Tools

Xpress gives you the ability to hire the most qualified drivers. With the click of a button, you can order background checks and process candidates accordingly. To accelerate the hiring process even more, Tenstreet offers a mobile-friendly Xpress application with real-time statistics tool and text messaging capabilities.

This provides users information on IntelliApp activity for the last 7 days, measuring how long it takes for applicants to complete an application, and when a candidate drops out of the application process.




Faster Recruiting

Some companies report 50% and even 100% increases in recruiting-staff productivity after they employed Tenstreet technology…

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Cut Advertising Expenses

We have created a service that leverages our expertise, software and position in the marketplace to reach prospective applicants directly on your behalf.

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Mobile Convenience & Speed

Our many mobile applications make communication, research and compliance or just submitting an application both convenient and fast.

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With the click of a button, you can order background checks and process candidates accordingly.

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