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You and your team dedicate an enormous amount of resources to driver recruitment. You advertise, hire, onboard, train, and conduct orientations. These activities are a significant investment of both time and money. When drivers then leave shortly after starting, it hurts knowing you have to refill that seat. You know drivers move on to other carriers for a variety of reasons: unmet expectations, equipment issues, higher pay, or a better work-life balance. However, trying to figure out why drivers are leaving without a consistent way to measure their experiences is a bit like fumbling around in the dark for answers.

You want to figure out which of these issues are pain points for your fleet, and to what degree. Building a sound driver retention strategy is an important step for the long-term success of your business, but where do you start? You need a way to illuminate your drivers’ feelings in order to craft a plan that is tailored to your organization’s fleet. The longer you can keep drivers with you, the less you will spend on recruiting activities, and the more profitable your business becomes.

Insights: Illuminating Driver Satisfaction & Commitment

With its acquisition of retention firm, Stay Metrics, in the fall of last year, Tenstreet opened the door to new opportunities to help clients overcome these challenges. We are proud to unveil our new Insights platform which provides carriers with the tools to address driver turnover head-on through a series of out-of-the-box surveys that can be used to gain actionable feedback from drivers.

Insights combines the power of Stay Metrics surveys with the efficient nature of the carrier and driver platforms available through Tenstreet. We wanted to create something for our clients that was ready to use. This new survey tool does just that so you can focus on increasing retention, and driving profitability, right away.

What Can Insights Do For You?

One of the many data visualizations provided by Insights.

This new platform provides clients with the ability to:

  • Receive feedback from drivers through three surveys that assess different stages of a driver’s life at your company – First Impressions, Early Experience, and Ongoing Experience.
  • Conduct surveys through Driver Pulse, bringing assessments to the platform where drivers already manage their careers.
  • View detailed analytics within the Tenstreet dashboard, providing carriers with the ability to see how they are improving over time or where they are continuing to see challenges.
  • Drill down into individual responses to identify why a driver may be dissatisfied.
  • Implement a survey feedback program that is affordable based on carrier size.

See average scores, number of responses, and issues raised as part of the Insights platform.

“With the launch of Insights, carriers will now gain a deep understanding of their fleet’s satisfaction and commitment, and can do this using the tools they are already accustomed to using through Tenstreet” shared Tim Crawford, CEO of Tenstreet. “This is just the beginning, as we will continue to bring innovation to the driver retention space.”

To learn more, join us for our webinar, How to Improve Driver Engagement & Retention Through Survey Insights, on Friday, March 5 at 2pm CST, featuring Tim Hindes, CEO of Stay Metrics, and Elizabeth Sontag, Tenstreet’s Director of Product, discussing the many features and functionality of our newest offering, Insights.

For clients looking to dive deeper into their retention data, Stay Metrics’ existing products provide additional functionality and customization.

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To start capturing feedback from your drivers through Insights, contact your Tenstreet account manager today.

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